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I have received a huge onslaught of mail asking me for insight on breast bondage. In accommodation of the requests I wish to elaborate on the performance of such restraint in order to enhance everyone’s knowledge of this subject. Breast bondage can be performed on most any woman regardless of breast size. Large breasted women however are most inviting since their breasts can be tied with a cord, rope, or leather cuff at the base. The achieved result of tying the breast at the base will cause the breast tissue to be pushed forward accordingly, leaving them exposed for further torments. I do not like to use tape, as it can cause the skin to become damaged, and some women can be allergic to the glue. Breasts are wonderful things, and depending upon the woman, most pleasurable. Once the breasts are bound, they can be used to enhance a woman’s feeling of submission. There are many other devices available to effectively provide for the torment of the breasts. Some of these devices are items such as; Nipple clamps of various intensities, breast presses, suction cups, and vibrating eggs. Some women have enhanced their pleasure and sensitivity by having their nipples pierced! For the pierced ladies there are available items of interest like nipple shields, and nipple stretchers, as well as elaborate jewelry. Through the years I have had some conversation over pictures of women actually hanging in the air by their breasts! I do not recommend any such torments due to the distinct possibility of permanent damage to the “Coopers Ligament” supporting the breast. Stretching of the coppers ligaments is the leading cause of sagging breasts Sagging breasts are often caused by a woman’s disregard of proper breast support (BRA). Hanging any female by her breasts may appear to some as fun, but should always be avoided! Considerable torment can be achieved through the application of many light strokes of a light instrument, or prolonged clamping of her breast tissues. Too hard of a breast whipping can result in damaged milk ducts, which must also be avoided. Breasts can become bruised quite easily, but this has shown not to leave any permanent damage. Cupping sets are a wonderful way to “torture” her breasts, and nipples; however they also should be used with skill. If your sub is pierced, care should be taken to assure that while chained or tied by her nipples - the rings or studs cannot be accidently pulled out! One of my personal favorite’s tit torment devices is a “Zipper”. A zipper is nothing more than several common clothes pins attached together by a light string. My pleasure is in the application of the “zipper” upon her sensitive nipples and breasts. The feeling of the many clamps left on for several minutes can become quite intense. By combining two “zippers” – with say 10 clips per side, her suffering will be assured. I often will use the zipper towards the ending of a long session, when the woman is begging to be allowed to climax. At the point of climax, I will pull the zippers - harshly pulling off all the clips, causing intense pain. This intense pain is combined with the peak of her climax, causing an intense mix inequitable PLEASURE, and PAIN! I am always amazed by the final outcome! You just have to love women!
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